Monday, October 17, 2005

Photos from Oz - 1

Thought I'd start a new photo series to share some of my photographs from time to time. Oz -- apart from the reference to you-know-where -- is the name by which I call my own little private world (which is now quite contradictory I guess).

This photo is from my last trip 'down under' in June. My colleagues and I used to frequent an internet kiosk near our hotel. It was run by a local, but there was this guy called Rohit who was in charge most of the time. Nice chap. A bear of a man, with a pony-tail to boot. Told me once that his grandparents were from Rajasthan, but that his parents had migrated to Fiji, and now here he was in Australia!! A man of many parts - no pun intended!

Anyway, the story behind the photo is -- as is obvious -- we went shopping on a lazy Saturday and saw this 'notice' on the door of the kiosk. In some ways, it symbolises everything about Perth and its people. A relaxed attitude to life and the Ayn-Randish I-don't-live-for-anybody-else 'air' that I so loved.

Wish I could stick a message like that on my PC during my off-days!!
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Anonymous said...

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Samudraa said...
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Samudraa said...

"which is now quite contradictory I guess",i interpreted this totally differently.Phew.....wot a waste that!

AynRand.....NOT AGAIN!!!!!!

Srini said...
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Srini said...

u know i found the people her edisplay the same attitude...very helpful knowing u r new in the country. They would 8 hours during the weekdays but even a hurricane wont bring them to work on a weekend. They have mood swing but all in all, they display a streak of randism in them, though at different levels. Btw, nice picture..

musafir said...

@ samudraa: :|

@ srini: Ah, finally! Can't agree more with you on the 8-hour thingie. There's life after work...and yes, very true about the different levels of randism.

Pardon me for not commenting yet; am writing a professional critique. It will be worth the wait - just bear with me.

Brood Mode said...

i already like the guy who stuck this note on his shop door!

Brood Mode said...

just an afterthought... i'm justified at not visiting ur blog all these days. it's not like u came to mine, even though u've been blogging again for nearly a month now. Hmmmmph.

Neways... happy diwali