Sunday, November 06, 2005


I liked it when I could look and not feel.
But you are everywhere now

The subdued drizzle
A night of rain.
The surrendering waves
A quiet shore.
The false freedom
A doomed dawn.

The spirit of a speeding stream,
The ghost of a fallen leaf,
The moods of a sunset stained sky,


The corners of my room
Flee from.
The watercolour canvasses
December and May.


The weak words
Forget to utter.
The pause between words
I lose myself.

You are
The deepest of my emotions,
The secret behind my thoughts,
The hand shaping my dreams...

You are
The pride driving my creations.

You are

I walked into office a few days ago and was doing my daily round of bloghopping when I noticed my counter screaming at me for attention -- a 100 more hits than usual! A little tracking and I found this and a mention at a friend's blog. Gee guys, you just made my day that day! Like they say, a little appreciation goes a long way. Thanks Ash and Ravi!


Ram said...

came back to your blog after a while now.. good to see you back.. the 'home' blog was beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Nice one da.. Nie to see ur poems Back!!!:)

Samudraa said...
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Samudraa said...

Am I right in assuming that through the passage of time the first 2lines got added on to this?

I tried this,u mite like it: :-)

Andru ‘Naam’ eyaluma endru sindhithen,Meiyanadhu!
Netru ‘Naam’ ilamal vazha nenaithen,Poiyanadhu!

Engeyum ne;
Mazhai vadindha pinnale,
Vseum kuzhir katril

Midhama alaighalile,
Meduvana iravinile,
Meni thendugirai.

Pudhidhana kalayile,
Poiyana sorgathile,

Kuchaladikkum neer vodayile,
Mellisaiyaga madiyum ilaigazhile,
Suriya asthamathin mogathile,

Naan dinam thapiselum
En arayain iruttana marmathile,
Voviyan varaindha niranghalin bashayile,

Naan pesa marakkum,
Sila nodi mayakathile;
Naam mounathil,
Pesiya narathile;

Unarvughalin kadavul ne;
Ennaghalin ragasiyam ne;
Kanavugalai kakkum karanghal ne;
Ezhuthukazhai sedhukkum garvam ne;

Ash said...

Very beautiful.

I am always awed and bowled over by guys who write poetry :)

Brood Mode said...

u've become a celebrity in ur absence?

lovely poem! read lots... will say no more

musafir said...

@ ram and anon: Thanks a lot - it's nice to know when one is missed :)

@ ash: :) - Thanks! I've come to realize that guys like me are a minority in the blogosphere. But "awed and bowled over "? writing doesn't deserve that! At least, not yet!

@ brood_mode: Well, what do you know? :D

And trust you to read more than what's written - :)

@ samudraa: Gee - now look what you've done? You just gave me a complex.

Vaarthai vilaiyaatil
Thotru vittaen.
Vaazhkai varam illai
Oruththiyidam vittru vittaen.

And no - you are mistaken. Those two lines spawned the rest of the post.

Samudraa said...

Thorpadarkku edhu yudham alla!
Poti endru ne enninalum,
En vetriyil enaku perumai ilai!
Unudan potti poda,
Ne veru naan veru ilai!