Monday, February 27, 2006

Would we?

And when our night is suffocated,
Will we still sleep?
Will we still not awaken?
Would we breathe life into vacuous dreams
When all around
There is but the clear day?

And when our words run silent,
Will we still speak?
Will we seek refuge in our insipid sounds?
Would we strive for the inanity of meaning
When all around
There is but drowning vacuum?

And when Truth burns us inside,
Will we still lie?
Will we bind our septic wounds?
Would we be exhilarated by fleeting beauty
When all around
There is but bleeding existence?


Kripa Shankar said...

"strive for the inanity of meaning" da...

@ "Would we be exhilarated by fleeting beauty"
i totally is really a fleeting beauty...but not always fleeting. sometimes the feeling stays with u all the time. What do u say?

Sartorial Sarcasm said...


Anonymous said...

Me too... Nice!

musafir said...

@ kripa shankar: Hmm wonder why that line caught your eye...thanks, appreciate it.

As for beauty not always being fleeting, I don't know. Yes, the feeling stays, but even that feeling is coloured by the perception of 'beauty' the first time around, and when you look back at it some time in the future, the feeling -- even though it's still there -- is not really the same. Maybe we are 'naive' enough to fall for it and maybe we get cynical as we get older - like I said, not too sure about beauty not being fleeting. Experience says otherwise.

@ sartorial sarcasm and anon. : Thanks - sometiems words are superfluous.

musafir said...

edit: *Sometimes -- argh, I'm slipping.