Monday, March 27, 2006

Chennai RTI Initiative

Last week, as I was bloghopping my way to glory, I came across this. Needless to say, I was curious. To cut to the chase, a group of young people in Chennai have got together to start a citizen's initiative to help create awareness about the Right to Information Act (RTI), and to bring into existence a citizen's movement to make effective use of this Act.

To learn more, go
here, or you could join if you're interested in volunteering, or if you simply wish to know more. Do pass this information on to anybody you know who would be interested in this initiative. The group is in its infancy and is looking to expand its volunteer base. If you're not in Chennai, but are still interested in contributing, do get in touch with the group to know how.

The group is also looking for contacts in the media, legal and govt. administrative fields to get more visibility and expertise in the above mentioned areas. Legal contacts would be valuable in getting to know the processes involved in filing/handling cases under the RTI act. So, if you, or somebody you know, have any contacts in these fields, do kindly write in to the group, drop a comment below or, again, email me (See profile page for ID).

Also, I’m on the look-out for contacts with local residents' organizations in Chennai, since the group is keen on working with one or more of these associations to get a larger sample of problems that can be addressed through the RTI act. I would greatly appreciate it if people could get me the details of any such organizations that they are in touch with.

Finally, if you are not sure if you can volunteer, but would like to know more, be sure to visit the google group to know the details of the next meeting -- the first meeting was held on Sunday, the 26th of March.

Would be nice to hear what you have to say.

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