Tuesday, August 07, 2007


raindrops slice
this sodium-vapour evening,
unassuming pedestrians and
black-and-white pavements
with tears from heaven.

soda-orange sky
hangs above
spotted with labour-union crows --
raucous wings
with impassive statues;
voices caw dissent
against the statutes of time.

under a shy moon,
waves flourish
water-carpet merchandise
on shore markets,
trading foam
with salty ankles
and bare calves.

night, meanwhile, seeps ink
from underneath the sea,
drawing its blanket
over another day
of a hyphenated youth.


Brood Mode said...

hyphenated youth!!!

Cannot find words to tell you how spot on that expression seems :-)

musafir said...

brood mode

I'm tempted to think I might have "internalized" that from somewhere, but I guess it says what I want it to say :)