Monday, December 10, 2007


And this.

I never knew a search to better understand Bayes' Theorem could be so rewarding :-)


Bhargs said...

Wow, never knew a random bump into your blog could be so rewarding :P

Quite interesting articles :)

and Oh, I hope our camp video never comes out * grin *

Musafir said...


Did you go all "Oh look what the doggie brought in" huh?

As for the video, I have my fingers and toes crossed :)

Bhargs said...

why would I go all "that" ? :)

I actually liked the thesimpletruth article and even recommended it to a few - good find !

and what did I do? why do I deserve this? you decided not to accept my gtalk invite yet? Did I miss the platter ? :P :)

Echo said...

Hey, this post came 3 months too late.Would've helped me much more as I struggled to stay awake during the (mandatory)Stats class this quarter :) Good to see you back!