Friday, August 06, 2010

Her first letter

i'm chewing through my nails,
the thick sharp taste of dirt
on my tongue, when i read
your letter the second time.

in the years to come, you might
never learn of this, my first
act of love, my needs

breeding into greed; you will
never know how i touched
what you touched, how i ran

around every bend your
evasive sentences took till
i lost myself between

paragraphs, how i pursued
your blue words till they
surrendered all

their meanings, how my eyes
paused for breath at the end
of the page only to climb up

and start reading a third time.


Anonymous said...

At times when I feel I'm the only insane person left in this world, your blog has time and again given me reason not to feel guilty about my own thoughts but instead develop on them - to not stop due to pre-determined, imposed ways of thinking but uninhibitedly stretch and explore the self in a way that only a few people like you do.

In ways that I cannot quite explain clearly, your posts have remained a standpoint not only for a unique way of seeing the self but also the way thinking shapes up over the years from experiences, influences etc.

Please keep posting.

A long-time reader

musafir said...


Thanks for dropping by and commenting.

I get the feeling from your comment that you have certain specific posts in mind. It would be interesting to know which ones.

It is also interesting to to see how you have niftily picked up one of the threads that holds this place together. I'm both happy and intrigued that someone has done this. As someone who writes, I cannot ask for more from a reader. I never meant for this blog to serve as a standpoint or an anchor of some sort for others but I am happy if it does.

Having said that, I'm not so sure about the "unique way of seeing the self". A lot of what I think and write about comes from what I read and conversations I share with people. I'm not sure if I can lay claim to being original :)

Thanks for the encouragement. Validation, of the right kind, is always welcome. I will keep positng. I might not be too frequent but I'm not shutting this place down.

Chaotic said...

I'm desperately waiting for the next post. Please release it from the void of silence.

Brood Mode said...

This post woke me up, even from my incurable insomnia! Bless that pen of yours...

Anonymous said...

y dont u write ? please?