Monday, May 30, 2005

Not ready

Guilt stabs my
Conscience deep,
Its unfelt dagger
Rending bloodless wounds,
Plunging, twisting,
Accusing, as it descends.
But I'm not ready
To repent
Just yet.

The battlefield awaits,
My armies stand beside -
Sharpened swords
In weighty sheaths,
Bodies eager for combat.
But I'm not ready
For war
Just yet.

Memories fade,
Of unwanton words,
And anger, and betrayal.
Yesterday's pain reposes
In a corner of my soul,
But I'm not ready
For peace
Just yet.

The night sings softly
Its daily lullaby,
Of dreams,
And hope, and tomorrow.
The bed is made,
Inviting rest.
But I'm not ready
For sleep
Just yet.


Kripa Shankar said...

"Bodies eager for combat" huh! Nice one.
Of dreams,
And hope, and tomorrow."
True....I always await it. I know I have to change the attitude. But you know what? Sometimes, when it rains too hard, it is wiser to rest. What do you say?

musafir said...

@ kripa shankar: Intriguing thought - I'd agree with you at any other point of time, but not right now. I'm 'Not ready' ;)

Brood Mode said...

could relate so well with every line...

"I'm not ready for peace just yet"

don't know if I ever will be.