Monday, May 30, 2005

Old clothes

Old clothes
Evoke memories


Grandmother and curly grey hair,
Aunts and antiseptic,
Christmas and cakes,
Cousins and cricket,

Birthdays and red balloons,
Masquerades and dead friends,
Cupboards and hide-and-seek,
Marbles and touch-me-nots,
Scraped knees and seashores,

Sunlight and school,
Colour pencils and crayons,
Dictation and wooden desks,
Bells and books,

Forests and campfires,
Pine and streams,
Butterflies and wet soil,
Snakes and pumpkins,

Winter and wool,
Rain and rhubarbs,
Coughs and colds,
Doctors and drugs...

Old clothes.
New memories.


Kripa Shankar said...

hmm..The musafir is travelling down the memory lane huh!!!
Good one..
I liked the way it ended.."New memories". :)

Ravi said...

Not so lucky about the campfires and streams bit but yes, it was hide and seek, kites, marbles, deadfriends, scraped knees, cricket et al. Nice post! :)

Mriganayanii said...

really REALLY loved it - i'm a real sucker for nostalgia. thanks so much!
did you write it?

Samudraa said...

eh..good one that.Ur blog makes gud read,got here from kripas blog :)

musafir said...

@ kripa shankar: Ah, yes, but then I'm always looking for an excuse to go down that way :-)

@ ravi: I'm glad you could relate to what I'd written - the streams and campfires were from my 'Scout' days. :)

Thanks for visiting; do come by again.

@ mriganayanii: Thanks - glad you liked it. Memories are fascinating - always !

And yes, I did write it - like all my other posts. :)

@ samudraa: Thanks for dropping by and your comment - or should I rather thank Kripa Shankar?

Samudraa said...

oh..i jes gotto know u r hari's friend,thats a gud piece of info :)

. : A : . said...

Wow! I love the way you have used the thought of old clothes evoking memories and have written about it. This is something that is so logical but sometimes it just passes by.

The Man Who Wasnt There said...

D00d what's with the romantic imagery to evoke the nostalgic feel?:) I knew you were always two centuries behind....It's the world of Post Modernism and not Romanticism ( as what I can make out from certain snippets!;))
And talking abt the last phrase..isnt teh classification of "memory" as "old and new" a bit funny?:)

Samudraa said...

was looking fwd to another post :)

musafir said...

@ samudraa: Hari is a blog buddy. He was the first to link me up. I don't know him personally. His blog's also quite nice.

@ .:a:. : Thanks, your comment is very insightful! Yes, there is a very logical flow between seeing/feeling old clothes to remembering the past.

@ girish...!: Romanticism is more about writing about things that never go out of fashion, I guess. And no, there are "old" and "new" memories - figure it out ;)

Brood Mode said...

Thanx to you, I took a long trip down memory lane too...

musafir said...

@ brood mode: Glad to be of service :)

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