Thursday, July 07, 2005


there is joy
then there is sorrow
and then there is us
in between

there is silence
then there are words
and then there is conflict
in between

there is the shallow
then there is the deep
and then there is turmoil
in between

there is the search
then there is the discovery
and then there is disbelief
in between

there is the actor
then there is the dreamer
and then there is me
in between

there is you
then there is me
and then there is us
in between


I'm back home now -- arrived on Sunday. Lots of stories; will share them in due time :)


consumerdemon said...

great ... dish out the good stuff. inquisitive minds want to know.

Samudraa said...
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Samudraa said...

I was wondering how wud it be if u can replace "between" with "beyond",in the last para...

Isn't "us" always beyond "u" and "me".:)

Real good one this..

Kripa Shankar said...

style da..

Anonymous said...

simple but real nice!

Brood Mode said...

waiting to know your "discovery"

harry said...

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thanks in advance it wud be really nice if u can get some more ppl to also fill it...

in case if u feel i have infringed on your privacy i am really sorry...i did not intend to but i am forced to due to constraints...

Srikar said...

Nice one rajesh !

Ravi said...

Very nice Rajesh, has a nice 'rythm' to it even as I read it. :)

. : A : . said...

Very nice. This one was my favourite,

"there is the search
then there is the discovery
and then there is disbelief
in between"

To me this disbelief remains surpressed a lot of the time. I guess it is important to recognize it.

Anonymous said...

there is the hope
then there is reality
and then there is life
in between


Vinu said...

there is birth
then there is death
and then there is a living
in between to enjoy!!

Well written buddy...
Keep writing..

. : A : . said...

Waiting for the stories to come in ...

Paul said...

There is "n"
And there is "b."
And in-between,
I put a hyphen.

I actually like your poem, I just can't help myself with that sort of thing.

musafir said...

@ consumer demon: I'm not sure if all of them will be to your liking!

@ samudraa: Thanks. Interesting observation. Totally agree, but only in one context. But then "us" could mean so many other things, and sometimes there is a tendency to hold back, and the common ground is hard to find.

@ kripa shankar: :)

@ anon: Thanks - simplicity is so difficult sometimes, and it felt good writing this one.

@ brood mode: Sometimes a "discovery" is sacred because it's secret, and sometimes it's sacred, and hence secret!

@ harry: Duly completed!

@ srikar: Thanka and welcome back! Been missing for some time haven't you? Fabulous photographs by the way :)

@ ravi: Great! Rhythm is something I've been trying to infuse, and I'm glad you could feel it. Thanks!

@ .:a:. : The disbelief is something I've learnt to be conscious of, and use it to fuel the search sometimes. I feel that's when one grows emotionally. Appreciate the insightful comment.

Can't wait to talk about the stories :)

@ Ankita: Wonderful - it always feels great when people build on something and add their perspective. Agree with what you have written, and I feel it's all about bridging that gap.

Thanks for your comment - do drop by again. Do you have a blog of your own?

@ vinu: Like I said, it's wonderful when people add on. Agree with your thoughts about enjoying life :)

Thanks for commenting and the encouragement - do visit again.

@ paul: touche! Point taken!

Thanks for dropping by!

musafir said...

@ samudraa: In hindsight, the "between" is when it's still "you" and "me", and "us" is when it's "beyond" - point conceded :)

Samudraa said...

we are in total sync here.

Sayesha said...

Nice! Love it! :)

. : A : . said...


musafir said...

@ samudraa: You bet!

@ sayesha: Thanks - glad you liked it. Looking forward to seeing you around again.

@ .:a:. : :-)

Slice Of Life said...

this is a fantastic thought...beautifully told

musafir said...

@ uma : Thanks for dropping by and your comment - appreciate it!