Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Pretty woman

Main shaayar to nahin

Main shaayar to nahin,

magar ae haseen
Jab se dekha maine tujhko
Mujhko shaayari aa gayi...

Main aashiq to nahin,

magar ae haseen
Jab se dekha maine tujhko

Mujhko aashiqui aa gayi

Main shaayar to nahin...

Pyaar ka naam

maine suna tha magar
Pyaar kya hai,

yeh mujhko nahin thi khabar...

Main to uljha raha

uljhanon ki tarha
Doston mein raha

dushmanon ki tarha

Main dushman to nahin

Main dushman to nahin,

magar ae haseen
Jab se dekha maine tujhko
Mujhko dosti aa gayi

Main shaayar to nahin...

Sochta hoon agar

dua maangta
Haath apne uthaakar

main kya maangta...

Jab se tujhse mohabbat

main karne laga

Tab se jaise ibaadat

main karne laga

Main kaafir to nahin

Main kaafir to nahin,

magar ae haseen
Jab se dekha maine tujhko
Mujhko bandagi aa gayi

Main shaayar to nahin,

magar ae haseen
Jab se dekha maine tujhko
Mujhko shaayari aa gayi

Main shaayar to nahin...


1) Text in blue - Lyrics from the Hindi song 'Main Shair To Nahin', from the movie 'Bobby'.
2) Pictures of Smriti Rao - Downloaded from Discuss TV, originally uploaded by user 'dhekun'.


Anonymous said...

X says have gone crazy! I am wondering if work and old age have finally caught up with u!

Anonymous said...

@anon:i dont think either did...he is just too jobless in life
@musafir: does this mean A is officially ur bhabhi:)

LUCKY said...

smriti rao... sigh!!
the only reason y i used to watch headlines today couple of years ago...

musafir said...

anonymous(1): Who is X? Is X who I think he is? And if love is madness, then I agree - I'm crazy :D...what would you know anyway? The best part about having a crush on a newsreader is she's there when you need her to be, she's never late, you can rely on her to look her best and she can make bad news sound like good news.

Work is always there, but old age? Phooey! You know what they say about people in glasshouses right? I might mistake my As and Bs, but I don't forget class timings and oversleep :P

anonymous(2): We'll keep away from my apparent joblessness, shall we?
And you keep day-dreaming about A sonny. The odds are stacked in my favour - the height, the tan, the looks, the hair etc etc Of course I'm a little underweight, but nothing that good food and a gym can't fix, which unfortunately is not the case with you, you're genetically challenged. So, you're disadvantaged on all fronts buddy. Looks like a lost case. Time to move on :D ... and I'm all for polygamy, just in case you were wondering :D

lucky: sigh! I know ... but you mean you don't catch her on NDTV now-a-days? They've got morons masquerading as make-up men at 24x7. Look how she radiates in the 'Headlines Today' pictures. Looks like a conspiracy to me.

Karthik said...

Gawd !! U call this beauty !! Then what wud u call Nidhi Razdan of NDTV and Shireen Bhan of CNBC ?? Apsaras, Angels, Aishwarya Rai's eh ??

musafir said...

karthik: To each his own.

When it comes to beauty, subjectivity becomes objectivity.

And I stopped playing one-up a long time ago :)

Samudraa said...

YEah,she is older! Thin. And may be wild,who knows.

but she isnt attractive,i tell u :(

Nowhere near ur Tabu man,pls re-consider.u deserve someone much better,i tell u.

And since when have u started putting down hindi lyrics......

And if love is madness, then I agree - I'm crazy :D...

Love and her........puhleeeeez,for gods sake.

musafir said...

samudraa: A few things

1) To each his own. I'm the one in love, you know :D What gave all you people the idea that I was asking you for an opinion? Bless the couple and be on your way.

2) About Tabu, like I told anonymous(2), I'm all for polygamy!

3) I thought my profile made it clear about my liking for hindi songs.

Chandru said...

Smriti Rao is cute...and she's got a good voice....Nidhi razdan is good looking too...is she from IIM-C??

Headlines Today always hires some good -looking people...but they always move on to bigger news channels....

musafir said...

chandru: Ah, at last, someone who knows his newsreaders :)

Absolutely, she's...err...cute and has a really suave presentation style.

Yes, Nidhi Razdan is the one from IIM-C. Pity about Headlines Today though. But yes, they poached Zakka Jacob from Sun News didn't they? They do have an eye for talent.

And congrats again :)

catch 22 said...

She looks awesome and at one point of time I used to follow news regularly ofcourse for obvious reasons. I have to check out the other names mentioned here, I know I know am a little behind.

"When it comes to beauty, subjectivity becomes objectivity."

Dood these lines rocked :)

Did I say , I am all for polygamy ?;)

Samudraa said...

Bless the couple and be on your way.

u r becoming cuter by the day! and CRAZIER!!

I'm all for polygamy!

Raj->Tell me about it.

Did I say , I am all for polygamy ?;)

Catch22-> Tell me about it ;)
but only till 24.1.2008,mind u!

musafir said...

catch22: Another one in the see-the-news-for-the-newsreader club :)

Thanks but I suspect I "internalized" those lines from a book review I read somewhere. The reviewer had said how a good critic's subjectivity is his objectivity. Wait, I remember where I read that ... http://middlestage.blogspot.com/2006/04/year-of-middle-stage.html ... read the line where he says, "To my mind a good critic’s subjectivity is a kind of objectivity" -- brilliant post that.

And yes polygamy...err...rocks. More the merrier and all that jazz.

samudraa: Thou shall refrain from making personal comments of any sort and hijacking my comment space. Or else the comment will not know what hit it. And I'm being kind here :)

Anonymous said...

I think A would not concentrate on looks a lot. In any case, doesnt matter if you are open to polygamy. She and Tabu definitely wont be :). And yea btw,everything between her and me match, except for the weight but then that can be taken care of laters (saw her intervbiew on SS music).

As for newsreaders, back when Star used to have Prannoy Roy's news coverage media, I had this major crush on Sonia Verma. But, I dont even know if she is there in NDTV anymore.

The Man Who Wasnt There said...

No can do. The short hair did it for me...I am all for long over flowing hair with lustrousness that makes one hold Eternity on one's hand..Eternity being the name of the shampoo ofcourse...
Anyway short hair is a put off for me..
Nidhi Razdan is anyday betetr..err...news anchor..

Sigh..ironic isnt it? Why am I reminded of dogs chasing a car that it has no intention of riding now?
Alrigth alright save the cliched repartee...[:p]

musafir said...

anonymous: How do you know A and Tabu are not up for polygamy? See I'll make them this irresistible offer - company on all shopping tours, stories to make them sleep during those headaches and a blind eye when they flirt. Show me one woman who won't fall for that? And Sonia Verma? hmm

girish...!: Flowing hair and lustrousness? Aw don't tell me you fell for that one! They seduce you with the hair first and before you know it you're saddled with the comb and a bottle of hair spray. Besides the long hair is a little cumbersome and tends to err...get in the way, what do you say? ;) The logisitcs is relatively easier with the shorter hair.

As for the dog and the car thing, "When you really want something, all the world conspires in helping you to achieve it." :D

Anonymous said...

Claim to be busy enuf and stil lreply to comments :). As for A and Tabbu, I asked them personally and this is what they said.

Smriti said...

Came to know about your blog through a media friend of mine...Thanks, but you see I cant accept :)..am already committed. Was going through some previous posts..You write well. We at NDTV are thinking of starting a new show where we encourage budding artists like you..so I might be anchoring that show and we might get a chance to meet then. I sure hope so.
Anonymous and Karthik, Sonia works in my division and I am friends with Niddhi too..So, I can put in word for you :).

catch 22 said...

Nope I dint do it :)

Seems to be the work of MK.;)

Prannoy Roy said...

Guys, stop ogling at my news anchors and get back to work. Or you will be sued.

Anonymous said...

dei unnoda blogley ennala nadhakuru paaka mattiya

musafir said...

anonymous: Aw, c'mon now. That the best you got?

smriti: *blushes from neck to ear* Oh Smriti-ji, wellcome, wellcome. Committed ya single, humra pyaar to marega nahin ji, haan!

NDTV pe show humre liye?? Waah, ab tho aap random house aur dreamworks mein contract dhila deejiyae bas. Mera tho life set ho jayega. Par haan aap ke bina yeh sub bekaar laghte hain, haan :(. No changing mind?

catch22: :)

prannoy roy: Dei soththa thalaiya, vaaya muditu poi news-a padikara velaiya paaru. Mavane thirumba indha side paarthen, avlo dhaan, dubba dance aadidhum aamaam!

anonymous: Good fun, no? :)

The Man Who Wasnt There said...

what??? you wouldnt do it would you?? you wouldnt succumb to that tripe would you??? when all logic fails....why o why do people end up quoting 'Serendipity'????

alright let me admit it..it was a 'cute'..for say 2 hrs afetr it when you go outside looking for 'signs'...but then when all you find is one that relate to one's celibacy I can assure efficacy of Serendipity is the last thing one would want to believe...

Well Kate Beckinsale had nice hair in that movie..that's about it.

smriti said...

If I knew ppl at those places. I sure would have :). Right now, all I can do is recommend you to the show. Do give me your contact id. Mail details to smriti.rao@gmail.com - let me know ur contact address and phone number.

Aur haan, seeing your love for me,I might have to do a rethink on my relationships.

musafir said...

smriti: Really? Let me think it over. I'm rather self-effacing you know.

By the way, my statcounter gives the IP address and location of people who visit my site. And it's not too much work to know where my comments come from. Thought I should let you know that :)

Smriti said...

Really!! Then why not track me down.

Stallion said...

dey Capesh...wats goin on man....do u have someone in mind?

Prat said...

second samudraa on the cuter part, for sure.
you remind me of days when vikram chandra used to be the bearer of news, who cares of what kind?

musafir said...

prat: Not you too!

Vikram Chandra eh? No offence meant, but I thought he was a regular milksop. Like I keep saying, to each his/her own :)

The mocking spirit said...

So u in love with her...?
good one.

Anonymous said...

Who the hell told you that Nidhi Razdan is from IIM-C? She is from IIMC New Delhi. To know the difference just google her. Forget Nidhi in IIM-C she doesnt even have the brains to be in a 3rd rate business school! Lol!

S. Maheshkumar said...

One won't oppose if someone thinks in his/her mental domain nastily regarding the opposite sex until it affects the person who breeded such mind-ruining thoughts against the neutrally poised spirit in due course as a natural kind of bouncing back!

samson said...

i like her bcoz she looks like my first crush

Inoruvan said...

Nice To see a Blog Of My Favt.Newsreader..Thanks For Smriti's Fotos..

Anonymous said...

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Dilwale said...

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