Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Cheese? Eh?

Big brother on the right, the angel on the left and of course, yours truly (how can you miss me?)...

Reactions at the office:

"Why are you so angry?"

"...gravity defying..."

"Sai Baba..."

"But where is the fan??"

Enjoy the picture. Caught up with work. Will be posting soon. Take care.


catch 22 said...

You look pissed off with some thing ? ;)

musafir said...

@ catch22: Hee hee, don't know about that. I guess I was more amused and irked rather than pissed off!

Kripa Shankar said...

Ooooy how did u manage to get that off the frame.
I have that pic too...with only your face in close up...i think shankarapandian clicked it...but that has too much of flash-reflection on it...

i remember the fuss you made to prevent us from clicking it...and now you yourself are publishing it on WWW...vadda vaaa

Karthik said...

He hee !! He hee .. Actually ur bro looks more like u .. Nice hair-style !!! Why dont u start growing up ur hair again ??

musafir said...

@ kripa shankar: Yes, I do remember that photo of the photo :)

As for me publishing it on the blog, well, I guess people change don't they?

@ karthik: My brother looks like me? Hmmm interesting ... as for the long hair thing, you can clearly see I was ahead of my time, in fact way way ahead of my time -- don't you agree?

shooting star said...

oh u look sooooooo cute, and yes its gravity defying, how did u get that effect?

Prat said...

this is the shweetest lichle boy picture i have seen.
I am sorry to be saying this, no offence meant, but how did you manage that hair? How did that happen??

The Man Who Wasnt There said...

....mmm...atleast you werent dressed up in girl's clothes which your mom 'sensed' you could be a transvestite were you?? eh?EH?

hold were dressed in girls' clothes and photoes were taken werent it?;)
sigh..they do it all the time..:|

anyway would the qn 'what was your hair rising experience?" be a cliche? Or the fact that 'once upon a time I had hair..." tag line will not exactly be out of place would it?:D

Languorous_chaos said...

Totally love the hairdo ;)

musafir said...

@ shooting star: err...thanks! As for the effect, I honestly don't know. It just grew that way, I guess. At least that's what my parents tell me!

@ girish...!: Ah, yes, the cross-dressing thing. No, no, my mother was/is sensible, thankfully. She probably had a premonition that with libel lwas and all that, her kids might end up suing her for takling damaging pictures.

Actually it was dad who let my hair grow that long becasue he thought it looked nice!

Anyway I do remember my brother cross-dressing voluntarily when he was young and we caught it on camera. But he hijacked the photos and the prints when he grew up :(

As for the "I had hair once" bit, don't thin kit applies to me. I believe I'm lucky on that front, compared to some others I know. What do you say? :D

@ prat: err...thanks! I must admit though that I posted the photo to keep my readers in good humour. Your reaction (and shooting star's) is rather unexpected.

And no worries, all questions are welcome. As for how I managed that hair, it's "natural" you see :D ... oh, who am I fooling! It just grew that way. Don't ask me why.

@ languorous_chaos: Heh...if only you knew how difficult it was to give it a semblance of respectability when I was young! And yes, good to see you again :)

Chandru said...

You could've shown up for the Mentos ad....they would have hired you instantly!!!

musafir said...

@ chandru: Haha, that's taking it a bit too far, although I would have thought it was the Mirinda ad - no?

Anonymous said...