Friday, June 30, 2006

Aurangabad trip - photos

The company sent a team of us on a customer visit to Aurangabad. What you see above are the results of us going camera-snappy.

Descriptions (starting from the last one, and moving up)
  1. Sunset at some forsaken station in Andhra Pradesh. I think it was Krishna-something, don't remember exactly. I'd just woken up after sleeping through the entire day (We left last Thursday), and was rinsing the sleep out of my mouth, when I got lucky with this one. No, no, I had to go get the camera.
  2. After spending Saturday and Sunday (We reached Aurangabad on Friday) at the customer's facility, we took off early on Sunday afternoon and spent the rest of the evening sight-seeing. First stop, Daulatabad fort. Wiki it up, I'm weak when it comes to history. This photo is of the "Chand Minar", which when translated using my superlative Hindi skills, means "Moon Tower".
  3. View from higher up the fort. At 1 o clock, you could have seen a strategically placed weapon of mass destruction (aka a cannon) if it were not for those pesky tourists who wanted to touch and feel everything. The bridge runs across a moat which surrounds the greater part of the fort.
  4. Open Sesame! From inside the dungeons.
  5. View of the Moon Tower from one of the ramparts.
  6. The front view of the fort, or at least whatever the camera could cover. It actually runs for quite a length.
  7. Mountain climber.
  8. On the way to Ellora, when the rain put up quite a show.
  9. The Kailash temple at Ellora. I kept thinking, "What on earth drove these people to do this?" Amazing.
  10. And amidst all this, diligent farmers trying to beat the rains.
  11. Yes, we took an auto. Actually, we ran into this very friendly auto-driver (who it seems is the regular chauffeur for our company personnel; we bumped into him accidentally) called Ayub. He was our guide throughout the tour, taking us to all the little known places and making sure that we were there on time. In case he comes across this, thanks a ton! There was this poignant moment during the tour - Ayub took us to Aurangazeb's tomb, and just before he dropped us off, he quipped, "Look! Such a great emperor, and look how he lies in the rain!" Ozymandias indeed.
  12. The fort, snapped from inside the auto, with a cloud boiling behind.
  13. Raptor footprint.
  14. "...and I'm proud of its rich and varied heritage..."
  15. The clouds were lovely over Ellora. Lazy and metallic gray in some places, a mischievous blue in others and at twilight, a sad, velvety shade. On our way back, we were stuck behind a small truck. It was carrying women back from work, women who were singing a sad evening song (in Marathi I suspect), which sounded like one about a cloud which lost its way in search of a setting sun. Or so it seemed.
  16. Silhouette of a proud lion roaring into the darkness (at Ellora).
  17. Perspective shot of a couple of stupas (?).
  18. 'Coffee' would be an apt name I guess.
  19. On the ride back from Aurangabad to Pune. We had a lot of equipment with us, which meant taxi rides between the two places. And the route is so picturesque! I felt cheated when we entered Pune with its high-rises, and no sky to be seen anywhere. There is something about seeing the land undulate in front of you for miles on end, stopping at the horizon to meet a sky that bends over, unveling its colours. It does make the heart ache. Sigh!
  20. Sparrows at Pune station.
  21. One of the minarets at the Mini Taj.
  22. Last stop during the sight-seeing tour was Bibi-ka-Maqbara (aka Mini Taj). This was built by Aurangazeb's son as a shrine to entomb his mother. It's apparently a replica of the Taj, only smaller. This is inside Aurangabad, and the road to this place runs through a Muslim neighbourhood. From whatever little time I spent at Aurangabad, the one thing that struck me was how the city is a microcosm of India, with Muslims and Hindus living together, but ensconced in their own, separate worlds.
We took a lot more photos and I might be putting them up on Flickr soon. But for now, enjoy!


catch 22 said...

Cool pics. Hope had a great time being a Musafir. Will call ya sumtime this weekend.

Anu said...

I didn't know photography was one of your hobbies/talents! Nice pics

Chandru said...

good snaps u got in there mate!!

Prat said...

Loved the rain puddle one, with your reflection in it.
Some talent you have going.

musafir said...


Thank you, and yes, it was nice being fottlosse after a long time. Just the break I needed.


Oh, I just dabble. And you have to thank Yogesh for lending his camera. that made all the difference :)


Thank you :)


Yes, that came out well, didn't it? Another favourite is the one of the dog, has this serene feel to it. It's on my desktop :)

And yes, thanks :)

raghu said...

i liked da rick pic...

mohammed said...

it was very a nice short visit to my birhtplace Aurangabad after seeing ur photos sitting in london

mohammed said...

naseem says
it was really very nice picture of my birhtplace sitting in uk i had a short trip

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