Friday, June 02, 2006


How do you choose between honesty and compassion? How do you preserve your integrity when it implies inflicting pain on somebody else? How do you bridge the distance when neither of you are willing to meet midway?


Prat said...

honesty and commpassion. drawing the line between the two is difficult. where does one end, where does the other begin?
sometimes, there is no such thing as meeting some one half way through. that is ofcourse the case as long as there is love, and mcp's.

Ruler said...

I will the honesty prevails and definitely takes an upper hand..

Compassion s momentary..nt a perpetual if u r doing sumthing with compassion it may hurt the same person later...which i m sure is nt intended !!

Sumtimes honesty smothers, bt it burns all seeds of future pain..

It s a delicate i feel tht there s a half way...the way honesty s implemented...

musafir said...

prat: Hmmm I don't know for sure about about not meeting midway. I guess apart from a few circumstances, there is only so much that you are willing to give.

ruler: There's a point: "the way honesty s implemented" ... my sentiments exactly. I tend to make sure I don't sacrifice my integrity and also let the person know I'm not trying to hurt them but this is how it is.