Friday, October 06, 2006

Untitled - 3

an apple on the table.
round, and not too much;
red, and then not too much;
and left to rot.

a puddle of muddy rain water.
devoid of velocity,
smug in its pothole.
'Careful'. Step in - slosh! -
with pants pulled up.

a story in the sunday paper.
sad and short,
in black and white.
to be continued
next week.

a window over a cerulean ocean.
an empty home inside,
pictures afloat on the alabaster walls.
a curious breeze,
and the drapes billow.

a million images
play merry-go-round
inside the chamber of my heart.

their wispy fingers
teasing emotions from
the veins in the walls,

their little feet testing the floors
for strength,

and I know I am
apple, puddle, short story and window.


Ash said...


shooting star said...

nice...are these self realisations or haiku gone a bit longer.....?

Anonymous said...

few words in cyber space
he says he is apple puddle window and short story
whats left for me to be?

musafir said...


Thank you :)

shooting star

Haiku gone a bit longer? I guess you could say that. But to be on the safer side, I would call it prose-poetry.


Whoa! Some comment that! Who's this btw?

Anu said...

"...Little feet testing the floor for strength"
Lovely imagery.
Still enjoying Mirth... here!

Anonymous said...

well one could say that im the great 'anon'......but nevertheless a fan!

The Man Who Wasnt There said...

Well this comment has nothing to do with the post per se...but I am intrigued by the MBTI (yes yes My new bee in my bonnet...:p )stuff I came across..take this test and let me know your type...

And take this check for consistency...

I would be very very surprised if it isnt INFJ (or possibly INFT..touch and go between the two..:) ) ofcourse it depends on what context comes to your mind while asnwering some of the qns...still...this one is quite interesting...

Let me know..:)

The Man Who Wasnt There said...

oop..i meant INFP not INFT...

Anonymous said...

Not really Girsih,he would be ISTJ!! :))

The Man Who Wasnt There said...

@anon: no way....whatever it is it is defintely not ISTJ!! there is definiterly a 'N'...the qn is between 'F' and 'T'...which no outsider can judge but the author himself...

Anonymous said...

I agree on the "f" and "T" part,that would also to a gr8 extent be dependent on what is which of the two is more dominant at the time he answers the questions.

And i would think it has to be "s" not "N",from whatever i know oh him and the mbti types!

He is not too comfy with ambious, unclear,unpredictable situations(though might look at such instances as challenges).

Is more practical than instinctual.(though might go with instinct in fuzzy situations)

And yes,his memory is vivid with respect to facts and events rather than patterns(though he might use the memory of events as a canvas to create patterns,especially when he writes)!!

why do u say "N"?

The Man Who Wasnt There said...

@anon: Well I am afraid now I 'know' what his type is..let me not spoil the surprise and will exit stage left for him to take centre satge and announce to the world himself :P

Well so you obviously 'know' me...might i have the same pleasure?

Anonymous said...

Sure sir,you should! your name is saved as an "funny intellect" in my phone book-does that give you a hint?

Anonymous said...

oh,phew :( u get that!

But it can't be "N" :(((

musafir said...

the man who wasn't there and anonymous

Jesus! I don't pay attention to what's happening on my blog and what are you people upto? WTF?

Anyway, I am an INTP, or at least that's what the tests say. I took a test a long, long time ago, maybe 2 years back. Took the same one a few months ago, the type hasn't changed. And I took both the tests that TMWWT has linked to here, and they say the same too.

Of course, the type fits in remarkably well with the little that I know of myself :)

Party over, people. Stop spammign the comments.

the man who wasn't there

It was always a T.


I might have been a J when I was younger, not now, at least not in the last few years.

And S? Certainly not.

Anonymous said...

ok,so it is "T" and "F".....but i've a feeling u would surely have been an "F",if u didn't desperately want to be a "T"!So Girish is not entirely wrong there.

P Instead of J? i would think you might still vacilate bet the 2.

and N? not S....iam going to do my homework on this and findout why and why not?!

The Man Who Wasnt There said...

@Musafir: Yo!yo! and a bottle of rum!;) I said I was caught between 'F' and 'T' ( as anon would say that is still under cloud :p )
But defintely not a 'S'!! no way!! I wouldnt say 'J' either...but again difficult to say between 'J' and 'P' without having discussions on various topics...

Well Musafir since you obviously know so "little" about yourself let me know how much you acquiesce with this:

@Anon: 'funny intellect' sounds oxmymoronic if such a word exists..:P But i guess it's consumerdemon..?

The Man Who Wasnt There said...

..and in continuation of the 'spam' if 'anon' would identify himself/herself can possibly have a shot at MBTI...asusming i know the person 'reasonably' enough..:)

Anonymous said...

iam no demon,i know her though!

i will give u one more clue and then give up....

our 'connection' started someplace in Indira nagar and extended upto whitefield.

now,that being an amazing clue u cud as well guess my 'type'

musafir said...

the man who wasn't there

I got that link from a certain catch22. Jobless lot you all are :)

The link makes for interesting reading. I've read similar stuff elsewhere too.

And I'm sure you didn't miss the irony in "little" :)

musafir said...

the man who wasn't there

Btw, I replied to your Camus-Einstein connection.

The Man Who Wasnt There said...

***spam alert..not related to the post but related to the discussion in the comments *
@anon: Ha ha...well that was a give away..."Your highness"..
mmm...frankly to guess your type is a difficult because we havent confabulated much....and I hate 'going out on a limb'..but still if I have to make a reasonably intelligent guess I would narrow you down to..


There is ofcourse a very very real possibility of you actually being an INFP...but I am constrained by the aforementioned.

Maybe Musafir can be a better judge of your personality type...

@Musafir: Nopes I ddint :P hope you didnt miss my not-so-subtle sarcasm as well...

anyway 'interesting' is an how much do you acquiesce with it?

musafir said...

the man who wasn't there

Agree with what the link has to say on a very broad basis.

But then a little background is in order, I guess. If self-realization is very important to you, then you seek information about what you lack, the kind of things at which you suck. And tests like this -- depending on how good a judge you are -- tend to contain a few pointers as to what can be improved upon.

I guess the 'I' part of the type is not in question. So let's move on to the 'N/S' part of it.

I had a strong 'N' tendency when I was young. Judging people as soon as I met them, not going by facts and details and so on. But then as one matures, one realizes when the N is useful and when it is not. So, one allows the S to take over in situations where one feels the N is being destructive. So, for example, even though the attention to detail when I write might make some people feel, I am an S, I'm not. I'm acutely aware of how less I see in the external world. I can go through a day without noticing any colour of any sort. But then, I have a feel for the big picture. Always. I can connect things out of thin air. And with people, I let my N take a backstage and give them a chance with my S. That's why I'm not the typical N, becasue I've become good at faking it, and overriding my instincts.

I am certainly not an F. People tend to confuse my N with my F. There is very little in the world which gets me excited. And liek the link says, music is the where my introverted F comes into the picture. And poetry. Again, poetry makes people think I'm an F. On the other hand, poetry is a challenge to my T. How can I bring this emotion out into words? How can I arrive at that perfect structure? That way.

As for the 'J/P' confusion, again I used to have strong 'P' tendencies when I was young. But then I could see where ti was taking me. So wherever my T thinks it necessary, I let the J take over.

As for the content in the link, agree on the following counts - understand and seek truth, dabbler, competency and not proficiency, detached, provider of clarity, independent, hate order externally, chameleon, obsessed with memories and nostalgia, not concerned with external details, look for ambience than experience, collector, rawn to dissonance.

Disagree with - stubborness, automatially resists, withdraws and sulks in social settings when dominated....

Anonymous said...

rbGive away,it was!

And u shud be excited about the fact that there are people who coin such "oxymoronic" terms for u!! however,i wouldn't call it a oxymoron.......and i've no idea why i even named u that,but a lot can over cofee u know!

Okie...before Musafir threatens to delete these not-so-related-to-his-post comments,i will stop!!

and as far as ur "reasonably intelligent guess" goes,would our author be interested in giving his judgement of it?

The Man Who Wasnt There said...

@Musafir: with respect to that link I agree with you totally...:)
I disagreed with precisely the same things you disagree with too...
And yes if you didnt know already it means exactly that if you hadnt surmised already.

Yes we both have our own way of challenging the characteristics that dominate our personality...mor eon this later...

@anon: I know that qn was rhetorical so will let that pass...

So how close was I?

The Man Who Wasnt There said...

@anon: and oh btw you should know i am the last person to 'get excited' with people coining 'adjectives' for me...

I have been told as far as 'adjectives' goes I seem to have almost exhausted there :P

Anonymous said...

since musafir is refraining from giving his comments,i will let this be!

and yeah,u r right....ENFP it is! i guess a certain Catch22 has been successful in bringing people and news together!!

ive seen that list..starts with snobbish?

Anonymous said...

which question r u refg to?

musafir said...

the man who wasn't there and anonymous

Anonymous, true to my type, I don't think I have the requisite "competencies" and I haven't "analysed" all the "information" to make a call one's personality type :)

Hmmm, this MBTi seems to be the new zodiac ... that would be an interesting study, checking if certain zodiac signs are more likely to produce people of certain MBTI type. And add a link to socio-economic factors, not to mention prevalent global culture, and you have a dissertation on your hands!

The Man Who Wasnt There said...

@musafir: I have thought of that too;) In fact that was the first thing which came to my mind!! there was a time when i used to be 'pretty good' at guessing zodaic signs too...but then i realized it was more due to luck than anything else.

Here well could be the same case but there is an irrefutable analytical element to it.

it's quite obvious you are not much excited about where do you think the show is pinching?

@anon: Oh but ofcourse....being 'snobbish' is ala mode now....and needless to say I dont think much about it..:P

Anonymous said...

Musafir-> I completely agree with

"stubborness, automatially resists, withdraws and sulks in social settings when dominated...." ;)

and don't pounce on me for this,an objetive observation-exactly the way u like it :)

Anonymous said...

Oh no,here you go again!!I could agree on "have not analyzed info" but not on "requisite competencies".

None of us are Pros here anyway,we are all capable and eligible to have our opinion about "personality types" of people who we know/interact with.Whether ur perception is right or not is a totally different thing al2gether!

musafir said...

the man who wasn't there

Hmmm why am I not so excited about this? I guess my analytical interests lie elsewhere at present :) ... and at the end of the day, personally, it's just about trying to understand and improve myself, not about trying to find out what type someone else is -- no offence meant there.


To each his own. I fully support your right to have an opinion, but I don't agree with it, especially the part where you say "objective observation" -- that was hilarious, to be very mean.

Anonymous said...

It was meant to be---


Idealistic once again.People might do things that may not help them "improve" and "evolve",but simply for the "fun" assosiated with it.

The Man Who Wasnt There said...

@Musafir: 'Improve myself'? well Life bores one when one thinks one is 'perfect'...ha ha kididng no this is just a new 'toy'..I have always wondered why some people just cant "see" things which are so "obvious"...
I have been baffled,discombobulated and many a times plain irritated too...

I may just begin to forgive them....
Btw contrary to what many might think it has never been about "me"...right from first it has always been about "others" it's quite funny when one gets labelled as "egoist" and "self-centred"...if only they knew..:)

there is a "pattern" yes...I am trying to understand it...or even cross check whether such a pattern is mere coincidence...

@Anon: Close call...need to improve the hit ratio...amply helped by catch 22 ofocurse in narrowing down the types...:)

Samudraa said...

dont tell me he helped you with the identification game too?

musafir said...

the man who wasn't there,anonymous/samudraa

*using the most politest of tones*

I take spam personally. So can you guys use Orkut? Appreciate it.

Your friendly neighbourhood blog host

the_soliloquist said...

Your are lucky to view such images in your conscious state. I get such "vision" only in my dreams, and when I wake up, they are footprints in water.

musafir said...

the soliloquist

Or maybe I'm good at making things up :) ... but yes, as for what you said, I wish it was possible to record one's dreams. Would make for interesting viewing!

musafir said...


Thanks! Good to know you're still around :) ... so how's school coming along?

I'm sorry about the late reply, your comment got lost in all that spam.


Fan huh? Cool :) I'm flattered.