Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Seven eight lay them straight

So after years of not believing in resolutions, I'm putting myself on the line here. Will review this once a month to see where I'm heading. Will expand/trim list based on progress.

Things to do -


  1. Lord of the rings
  2. The wealth of nations
  3. Intelligent investor
  4. Genius
  5. Get RSS aggregator organized


  1. Two blog posts per week
  2. Review each book to increase take-away
  3. One essay per month
  4. One poem per month
  5. One fiction piece per quarter


  1. Work through Critical Thinking



  1. See the Himalayas. Properly. (7 days?)

Sport & Fitness:

  1. Continue playing Cricket during weekends
  2. Continue working out



  1. Chip away at list. Least: 50. Most: All.
  2. Review each movie on blog



  1. Get papers in order and file returns on time
  2. Pick an index fund to invest in
  3. Pick an infrastructure fund to invest in
  4. Open that bloody demat account
  5. Bring liquidity down to ___


  1. Continue working with the RTI act
  2. Teaching (?)


  1. Do what you say and say what you'll do. Commit and finish.
  2. Give up coffee
  3. Sleep less (6 hours?)
  4. Learn to shave with a safety razor
  5. Give up TV
  6. Read for 2 hours everyday
  7. Write a 100 words everyday
  8. Work on that wordlist


  1. Here, here or here.

And oh, happy new year everyone :-)


Karthik said...

Happy New year da !! Good choice of institutes .. Try to get in soon - we aint getting any younger :)))

P.S - Why don't i see marriage/girl friends etc etc on the list !!!!!

musafir said...


All in good time :D

Brood Mode said...

coincidences galore! just bought intelligent investor. and of course similar goals for writing/ reading/ exercise :D

Did I wish you? Happy New Year!

Akhil S Behl said...

doesn't seem like you did great on that one list! :P