Wednesday, January 16, 2008


along the sun-drenched roadside*
memories bathe in shimmering gold;

i pick one, turn it around:
a coin between my fingers

you - taunting the stars one dark night,
screaming how they will never know the gleaming road,
baiting them to walk down;
cardsharp gaming the heavens.

you - who became the game
of roaring rolling stars along this road;
us - a pair of roaming dice, rolling
under reluctant stars, watchful skies.

the coin of memory flashes gold,
light spilling from my fingers -
you of yore

your rebellion on the road, imprinting itself
like the warm smell of summer on skin
three years ago -

that night along this sun-drenched road
the stars you rebelled against
rebelled against you.

* - This line from here


Anonymous said...

better late than never. and like i said earlier, it is a good one.

Jane Doe said...

Unequivocal apologies to you for getting carried away. The comments have been duly retracted.

This is a beautiful poem.


musafir said...


Yup, I thought it was time I put it up.

jane doe,

Thank you, apologies taken :)

I love it when my comments space buzzes alive with conversations -- even if I don't take part in them -- but then sometimes people (not just you) do get carried away and the talk moves from harmless ribbing to the realm of the personal. That said, it's not often that people put up their hands and say "Sorry!" =)

So yes, thanks for the comment on the poem. Keep dropping by.

The Man Who Wasnt There said...

@ musafir : Much as I would like to let sleeping dogs lie ( And this I assure you was an idiom purely by chance ) I never took the jibes seriously! Surely you know me better?
:) That wasnt the first time and I would be surprised if that is the last time...why o why block the comments off?? I had no intention of continuing that verbal wrangle anyway. To be honest it wasnt even much of a wrangle..too cliched for my taste. Including my retorts.

@Jane Doe : And this is the time I am directly addressing you. I have no idea where you got the idea that I was being a rabble rouser or anything. It was just harmless fun ( at least from my side ). I am not apologizing because there is nothing to apologize about. Anyway guess you are new to the blog and you may not be familiar with the way I interact with musafir. That is "him" and err...this is "me".

End of response from my side on this.

Anonymous said...

yeah you should have put this up a long time ago. You should probably write a background piece on it as well, it will be interesting.

Karthik said...

Nice Poem Da !! Looks like i missed all the action :((((

blade said...

beautiful poem .
RM Rilke is one of my favorite poets.


~SuCh~ said...

Good one !
But, somehow, I would'nt nominate it to the hall of fame... Feels slicha incomplete...Doesnt tug the strings as your other ones do.