Wednesday, July 22, 2009


3.2.19 ஊடலுவகை Sulking Charm
இல்லை தவறவர்க்கு ஆயினும் ஊடுதல்
வல்லது அவர்அளிக்கு மாறு
He is flawless; but I do pout.
So that his loving ways show out.

Look what I found in the good old kural :)


Samudra said...

whao, you bought back all memories of kamathupal reading times.

i remember one which goes something like" i wont cling to your chest as it is for all women to see"(bad translation,yes)

i think all the oodal ones are smirkishly cute(cute, for the want of a better word).

Anonymous said...

awesome translation! yours?

musafir said...


Nope. It's from the English translation by Yogi Suddanantha Bharathi.

Selvi said...

Nicely posted