Monday, July 27, 2009

Positive Impetus

Goal for August: A sparkling sonnet in smooth iambic pentameter.

I'm putting this meter-and-rhyme bitch away for good.

I will.

Watch this space.

PS: I don't even know how to count syllables properly :-/ {Oh yes, what's the point of achievement if you don't start off by undermining yourself? That way the dopamine lingers for longer :)}


Brood Mode said...

Can't wait!

And maybe I can take a lesson once you're done figuring it all out :-)

Akhil S Behl said...

when is it due?

musafir said...

Brood Mode: I could do without the pressure.

Akhil: Ask no questions. Hear no lies :D

Brood Mode said...

Pressure? From me? Come on! I'm so meter deaf, I wouldn't know Iambic Pentameter even if it barked at me and licked my face :-)

Anonymous said...

High time , don't you think!


Anonymous said...

Please come back with that iambic pentameter poem. It has run away with you. Time for you to drag it back by its hair and pin it up to this black wall.

(As you can guess, patience is at an all time low.)