Tuesday, June 12, 2007

55 - 1

He enters and realizes something's amiss.

He knew his apartment like a lab-mouse knew its maze.

Curtains open – too much light.

Sneakers slotted into the rack – too orderly.

And then in the kitchen, where she knew he couldn’t miss it – “With all my heart”.

He had to talk to the cleaning-girl about the hand towels.


Arundhathi said...

Was in this place where the cleaning lady put up a bright bag labeled laundry on my clothes hanger. Wished she had been more subtle. Hmmm ..

musafir said...



~SuCh~ said...

"He knew his apartment like a lab-mouse knew its maze."

I wish I knew my bag like that... The state it is in, it would take months for me to notice it even if all my money is stolen...:(

musafir said...


Tsk tsk ... and is this connected to the zodiac as well? :D