Friday, June 15, 2007

P & C

Partha - Learn to be detached and to take joy in renunciation.
Calvin - Hmmm ...
Partha - Do not get angry or harm any living creature, but be compassionate and gentle.
Calvin - Hmmm ...
Partha - Cultivate vigor, patience, will, purity; avoid malice and pride. Then, you will achieve your destiny.
Calvin - [blinks]
Partha - Calvin? You there?
Bhagavad Gita quotes from here. And ... umm ... pun in the title entirely unintended.


~SuCh~ said...

You are a Calvin in your own right/might... :P (ref to the soul-baring previous post... huh !)

musafir said...


Shh ... one should not talk of soul-baring posts. Didn't you know? :)