Wednesday, April 20, 2005

For a friend...

...who was lucky enough to find love.

Questions at a tomb

Tell me…

Was I the signpost when you were lost?
Was I there when you needed me the most?

Was I the water that eluded your hands?
Was I the smile that blossomed on your lips?

Was I brave when you were not?
The way you were when I was not?

Was I the mirror that did not lie?
Was I the book you knew by heart?

Was I the light that escaped your curtains?
Was I the dream that invaded your nights?

Was I in your laughter, in your tears?
Was I there to help you conquer your fears?

Was I the answer you could never question?
Was I too much of a question to answer?

Was I worthy of all that you gifted me?
Was ours everything that love could be?

Tell me…


I wrote this a few months ago and every time I read it, I get this doubt whether my 'that's are right, and if I should replace a few of them by 'which's.

So, I went googling and found a few useful sites that threw some light on the topic (and I'm relieved! my 'that's are right after all!):

And this presumptuous page that told me nothing(grammar is so easy with examples, and this gave me none):



Anonymous said...

real nice!!! u should include this in ur top 5 from now or make 6 or 7 ....!!!

musafir said...


i would make it 6 or 7 but sulekha wants only the confusion continues:)

Brood Mode said...

That was one good poem?

Can someone be so many things at once?

musafir said...

Why do you ask?
The answer - do you not know?
Why do you ask?
Does Love not make one so?
Why do you ask?
What words shall I throw?
What proof do I show?
Why do you ask?...

...couldn't resist that one!!;)

neways, in answer to your question (if you stll need one;)): yes, Yes and YES!!