Monday, April 18, 2005


Yeah, phew, whew and pant!!

Never knew creating a blog could be so hard on the grey, I'm not talking about the 1-2-3 that Blogger has for its new-borns, but the name-choosing part of it.

The Bard couldn't have been more off the mark when he said there's nothing in a name. Yeah, a rose would smell just as sweet, but a blog is a different thing. Way different. Especially if it's your first, like mine is.

Come to think of it, it's not any different from choosing a name for one's baby these days. There are a zillion people out there, and everyone wants a name for their baby that is ...well, unique!! You want it to be everything that you want the baby to be. Something that stands out in the crowd.

And yes, names DO matter these days...ever heard of an Abhithakujalaambaal winning a fashion show? Or a Kuppuswamikanth making it big in Kollywood?? It just doesn't happen. Would Britney Spears be as hot if her name was Popmi way! It's all in the name!!

Not that I want my blog to be a sensation, but yes, I did want its name to say just what I wanted it to say, and stand out as well. And so I spent three weeks - yup! all of 21 days - fretting over a frikking name! Sometimes it's the simple things in life that are the hardest.

So, here I am finally with my own blog. A first. A start.

And yes, whew, pant, wheeze...phew! ;)


Anonymous said...

yep finally!! name does matter mate!

Kripa Shankar said...

The balloon has burst.
Now that the starting problem is solved,
Am sure this automobile engineer will go full throttle,
Fuelled by a thing that’s unlimited.
Driven by a thing that’s amorphous.
Musafir! I know,
A good chunk of your travel,
has gone unwritten.
Here I've coined a word for you.
And putting it in a sentence.
You have a lot of BACK-BLOG.;-)
Chalthe jaana...
Jatthe Jaathe likthe hi rehna..

A few days ago I was thinking how the most successful companies have the stupidest of names. IBM (Intl. Business Machines), Intel, SAP (Systems Applications and Programs -in german...sob sob), Wipro...
You spent 21 days trying to name this baby...go read what steve jobbs did. And see where his baby named by a kindergarten brain (A for Apple) is. Ironical.
The moral of the story is: Either think toooooooo much or better donot think at all.

musafir said...

@ anon:

it sure does, but didn't imagine it could cause a creative block:)

@ kripa:

aaha, so you wrote one for me?! me ore touched.
liked the part where you say 'unwritten'...true, very true! esp
yeah, hit a major creative block with the name. yes, agree totally,sometimes it's best not to think too much
btw you planning to blog?

Brood Mode said...

"Sometimes it's the simple things in life that are the hardest."

How simple this name really is, is a matter of perception.

The big Q being,
Mirth, Memories and HOW MUCH MORE?

musafir said...

*shrugs and smiles*
there's a whole lot more!...just starting off

consumerdemon said...

names do matter and speaking of celebrities -
celebrity - realname
WoodyAllen - Allen StewartKonigsberg
Fred Astaire -- Frederick Austerlitz
Michael Caine -- Maurice J. Micklewhite
John Denver -- Henry John Deutschendorf (hahahaha)
Cary Grant -- Archibald Alexander Leach (whaa...)
Bruce Lee -- Lee Yuen Kam (imagine this - axn presents lee yuen kam weekend!!)
Omar Sharif--Michael Shalhoub(wtf?)

so good thing you took time to decide a name. my parents almost named my videhi - ponder on that.

musafir said...

@ consumerdemon: glad you see it my way. didn't want to botch this one up!!

videhi?? *chuckle* what's wrong with that? *evil grin*

Lee Yuen Kam??? LOL...where do you dig this all up from?