Thursday, April 28, 2005


I see her standing
On the sidewalk.
All alone.
I gaze into her gray eyes,
And remember days bygone -
Of times spent
Bathing in the sea,
Drying ourselves
Under a warm sun;
Of times spent
Lazing in the shade,
Feeling each other
Of times spent
Running in the rain,
With people staring
Out of jealousy;
Of times spent
Without words intruding
Upon our silent company.

She looks away,
The pain of separation
Evident in her eyes.
It's been years now.
I've been with others,
I've changed,
And so has she.
Her memory endures
Inside me.
But she can't
Make me out.

I then whistle
Her favourite tune.
She looks up,
And trots over,
Her tail a-wagging.


Until next time, Bye! ;)


Anonymous said...

Something like one of the short stoires in twist in the tale? Forget which one.. Nice though!

The Man Who Wasnt There said...

well more like "twist in the tail" :D But then it could still mean whatever the reader thought initially it was!:P

consumerdemon said...

brilliant... i want that dog...

musafir said...

@ anon: thanxx! wasn't thinking of anything when i wrote it - but yes I've read that story (Just Good Friends). Maybe the subconscious is up to its tricks :)

@ girish...!: you just stole my line dude!!

@consumerdemon: thanxx! but who said anything about 'she' being a dog?? ;)

Brood Mode said...

maybe it wasn't a dog after all. cud've been ur cat. But it sure reminded me of scotty :(

It was true bollywood style situation till the last para... lol

good one

Brood Mode said...

ur blog is too black. Add some color. Even better - change the template, the color

musafir said...

@ brood_mode: thanxx!!

yes, I'm working on the template, but I feel 'black is beautiful' - how can one not love that 'colour'??

Samudraa said...

oh black is sensuos!who can resist it...