Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Me - part 1

Been having this autobiographical urge for some time now, and much as it makes poor blog material, I thought it's better to get it out of the system.

Rajesh Sabapathy, 22 years, born on Valentine's Day 1983 (yeah before India inc. and Archie's woke up and cashed in), Electronics and Communications Engineer, right now working as an R&D engineer in an automobile ancillaries firm called UCAL Fuel Systems Ltd. That's how the world knows me, but there's another side (isn't there always?).

The other side which I've tried to qualify in the 'About me' you see in my profile. All of it is true, at least right now it is. Who knows what tomorrow may bring? So, here's an explanation (even though I hate offering interpretations for my poems; yes I write poetry):

Sunny and cheerful: I'm always upbeat, optimistic, cheerful and positive. Yeah, the match-is-not-lost-till-the-last-ball-is-bowled-or-the-last-run-is-taken type! You can see it in my writing - I use a lot of exclamatory marks!(there I go again). It's been a strength but a weakness as well in that I sometimes waste my energy in the pursuit of useless quests.

Quiet and thoughtful: I don't speak much. And I philosophize a great deal. Oh yes, I write a lot, but speak? Naa. So much so that even my best friends don't know a lot about me. But whenever I speak, it's not without purpose - at least the few times I make sense to others. Yeah, I'm Sid from DCH (absolutely adore Akshay Khanna's character in that movie!!).

Proud and arrogant: Fiery. Very fiery. With some things. Cricket, Video piracy, Social responsibility...and I AM arrogant. If I'm right (and I always back my judgements with sound reason), I'm right. Everyone else can sod off.

Cold and distant: Have this aloof side to me that prevents me from getting really close with anyone or anything. To me, everything in life is a mystery waiting to be solved only to move on to the next one (I think I read that in Linda Goodman about Aquarians and I totally agree). I get philosophical at times about this - that life is too short to be bonded to something and to get bogged down, but it pisses off a few people who get the impression that I don't care.

Impulsive and playful: haha...can't resist a prank - be it locking in my sis when she's having a bath or changing the language setting in my friends' cell phones to 'pilipino'...have this imp inside me and I find it hard to suppress him. And yes the impulsive side shows up when I surprise people (and myself!) with my actions.

Dreamy and hesitant: Where do I start? I dream a grrrrrreat deal!! ...IAF Pilot (which little boy doesn't want to become one huh?), Indian cricketer (you can see a pattern emerging here), UN doctor (that one took some serious beating after my 12th standard exams), and now, an aspiring writer (and I'm gonna make sure this one works out!!). But all my dreams suffer because of my hesitant nature...got a lot of gremlins in the head and sometimes the simplest thing becomes difficult for me - previous blog being a case in point.

Wandering and restless: Now you know why the name Musafir - absolutely love everything about travelling...the buses, the trains (and now recently, the planes, but that's for later), the stations, the stops, the people, the dust, the grime, the sweat...for me, it's the journey that holds more appeal than the destination. Always. But the trouble is I get bored with a place soon, and it's time to move on. Like I said, I AM an extremely detached person, and it troubles me no end.

Patient and determined: Am very focussed with my goals - even if a bit hesitant...and patience is my greatest virtue. I'm a bit stoic as well, if I might add.

Man and God: I believe in God - there's still some time before I become an atheist (I'm sure I will some day, but not now - life is too beautiful at present). I'm also of the firm opinion that there is God in each of us (the Anbae Sivam logic) - be it in the work that we do, or in the love that we show others. But I'm also a being of flesh - I commit a helluva lot of mistakes, have the same dreams and aspirations as others, and I do have my share of vices.

Finally (yeah! finallly :). This blog looks like one of those 12 mark answers I used to write for my Engineering exams), I have no illusions about my mortality, but I do aspire to leave something behind that will be eternal. Whether that materializes or not, I'll know in the days to come.

There's more to me, but that's for part 2 (hopefully this autobiographical urge dies right now and there will be no part 2!!).

If you're still reading, thanks! Will be back to my cheery self tomorrow :)

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Brood Mode said...

This one was far less boring than our Engineering answers.

That was one interesting "Myself" composition!