Sunday, June 05, 2005

Off to a new place

...well not entirely new, but yes, a change of scenery.

In case you've not noticed it in my profile, I'm in Perth (actually in Singapore now) - I've been sent on an assignment by my company and I'll be here till the 2nd of July.

I did well the last time I was sent here; hope I do well this time around too. There's just this wee bt of anxiety - not entirely unlike that before an exam or a cricket match.

Also plan to do some more travelling this time and catch up on the sights that I'd missed last time.

Last but not the least, will try to keep the posts coming.

Well, here's to me and Perth!!


Brood Mode said...

hey all the best! sorry didn't call u before u left

Anonymous said...

become one complusive habit now is it!!!! Have fun!

Anonymous said...

hey rajesh sarah jagah dekhke aana!!! dont say later on tht u missed sumthign and have o go again;)

deepa said...


Mriganayanii said...

have fun

musafir said...

@brood mode: Thanks :). Called your landline, but it was engaged.

@ anon: Yes, it has ;) - will do!

@ anon: zaroor dekhungaa :D!

@ deepa: Huh? What? Where? das is sad??

@ mriganayanii: Thanks - will do!

Ravi said...

Hey! You are one lucky dude..getting to work/travel to Perth and Singapore. Put up some pics to drool over, buddy!

. : A : . said...

Best of luck. Look forward to accounts of your travels!!!


musafir said...

@ ravi: Yeah, I sure am. We'll see about the pictures - especially the 'droolworthy' ones.

@ .:a:. : Thanks - not too sure about the exploits, but yes, will try and post some tales.