Wednesday, June 08, 2005


My days so far...

Today - 7 June

Today was perfect. Just perfect.

As in rain washed morning, drippy trees perfect.
As in woke up before the alarm clock woke me up perfect.
As in couldn't wait to catch the train to office perfect.
As in the traffic just stayed at home perfect.
As in drowned myself in the silence of my work perfect.
As in the radio kept playing my favourite songs perfect.
As in a smile stayed on my lips all day perfect.
As in solved the crossword perfect.

As in wanted to run till my lungs burst perfect.
As in wanted to make everyone around me happy perfect.
As in write that book I always wanted to perfect.
As in wanted to go on a sailing holiday perfect.
As in wanted to be nowhere else, doing nothing else but this perfect.
As in happy for every moment I was alive perfect.
As in wouldn't have mattered if I died just like that perfect.

A perfect day. And I lived it well.

Yesterday - 6 June

Yesterday was a rotten day. Really rotten.

As in gray skies, murky weather rotten.
As in plane couldn't have landed more roughly rotten.
As in nobody came to pick me up rotten.
As in the taxi driver couldn't keep his mouth shut rotten.
As in didn't have enough local currency rotten.
As in all the money changers were closed, public holiday rotten.
As in had to adjust and eat soggy noodles on my first day rotten.
As in jet lag, no sleep on the flight, work tomorrow rotten.

As in didn't want to answer any phone calls rotten.
As in wanted to hang from the nearest tree rotten.
As in I could write a book about my day rotten.
As in wish I was on a sailing holiday rotten.
As in wanted to be somewhere else, doing anything but this rotten.
As in cursing every moment I was alive rotten.
As in wouldn't have mattered if I died just like that rotten.

Rotten day. But I lived it well.


Samudraa said...

awwwwwwwwwwww..............that was diff shades caught so perfect!!
Simple n straight..

The Man Who Wasnt There said...

hey lovely! You are getting better and better...

And finally I got arnd to add the blogrolling was tough to align in my template...:)
Get a shout box as well na?

Ravi said...

Hmmmm...nice! Like this line..."As in wanted to run till my lungs burst perfect." Living each day well...thats my code : Carpe Diem!

Brood Mode said...

Overnight life can tranform itself from rotten to perfect. Love the unpredictability, hate the uncertainty

Anonymous said...


பிரபு said...

Thats lovely work. I am dreaming if the days i would write like this ;)

Kripa Shankar said...

hmm...i guess u forgot the main line. The cause...."so your back!!" ;).

Good one musafir.

Ok out with the truth...what did you do on 6th night?

. : A : . said...

Life's little pleasures and pains. They can make such a huge difference to our days and nights. I like the way you have captured them in this post.

musafir said...

@ samudraa: Thanks :).

@ girish...! : Hey, saw your blogroll - flattered at the description, to say the least!

A shout box? Let's see ;)

@ ravi: Thanks - it's mine too!

@ brood mode, rajesh, anon and .:a:. : Thanks!

@ kripa shankar: Thanks - well about what I did that night, let's just say I don't reveal my tricks :D

Ash said...

Nice !

I shall refer to your post whenever I want to define "perspective"


musafir said...

@ ash: Thanks - yes, it does pay to have a bit of perspective occasionally!