Tuesday, June 14, 2005


Clouds confer,
Their demeanour grave,
Their heads heavy,
As they ponder
Thoughts of rain.

Umbrellas unfurl,
Their faces eager with colour,
Their owners pensive,
Summer's first rain.

Trees tremble,
Their manner changes,
Their leaves whisper
Tales and secrets
Of rain and afterwards.

Pen poised,
Paper ready to wet,
Words in abeyance,
I await
The rain on my window.


It's been raining ever since I came here, and like any water-starved native of Chennai, I'm loving it.
It happened to me: The you-wait-all-day-to-talk-with-'someone'-and-then-when-the-moment-arrives-you're-tongue-tied thing - Damn!


Kripa Shankar said...

are musafir...bola baap saala apun ko bhi ____ ho gaya...oh oooh oooh oooh oh oooh oooh oh...
Guessed the song? ;)

i can imagine the situation..the one in your last lines. not ur PS.

My case is the exact opposite of yours.
Here it rains daily.
Just like the books/stuff-to-read queue, there is another queue that I am building... stuff-to-write... hahaha...

. : A : . said...

Rain serves as a source of inspiring great writing all over. The beauty of it is, though several people write about rain, the writing can be so distinctly different each time. I find this each time I write about it too, and definitely when I read about it.

This too is very fresh and different. I like what I see here!

The Man Who Wasnt There said...

dei..enough of poetry da...i am poetically challenged you know..!:P

Btw check out my blog..have "tagged" you...dont ask me why it is called that....

Ash said...

Charming poem !
For those of us used to the heat of India, the rain is always soothing and refreshing, na ?

Samudraa said...

"Words in abeyance,
I await
The rain on my window"

words that made me visualise an imagery :)

consumerdemon said...

i went to ranipet for 2 days, to visit my home, my school and my dog. it had rained the day before i got there, and the weather was good. not great but i was able to stand outside at 2 pm. then i had to come back to chennai.

you are a lucky ass.

musafir said...

@ kripa shankar: Can't you make out when I'm kidding? ;)

Yes, the list grows long :)

@ .:a:. : I agree - rain evokes so many different emotions that it is almost inevitable that the writing's also varied.

Thanks for your words - appreciate your comments.

@girish...!: I can never have enough of it :).

Checked out your blog - will do it once I get back to Chennai.

@ ash: Yes it is and I was almost tempted to say - "rain, rain, DON'T go way"

@ samudraa: Thanks - appreciate your comment.

@ consumer demon: Yes I AM, in more ways than one :)

iamnasra said...

Wow this really great poem..loved it

iamnasra said...

I got inspired :

My hands touch
first droplet of rain
brings love to me

Pure droplets of bliss
Gently falling
Over my life

Invisible trail
All over my body
For it to linger- I wish

. : A : . said...

Yes. But when I think further about it, there is something common in the writing about rain. And I can't seem to put my finger on it.

musafir said...

@ iamnasra: Thanks - appreciate your comment, and it was wonderful reading your poem in the comment. Like the way you say:

"Invisible trail
All over my body
For it to linger- I wish "

Wonderful! Please do drop by again.

@ .:a:. : Bingo! EXACTLY.Everytime I read something new about rain, I'm amazed at the freshness, but I also sense an underlying emotion in all the works, which is somehow intangible. The closest I've come to putting that emotion into words is a "thirsty joy" - still trying to refine that...