Friday, June 03, 2005

Speak out

Love lurks,
Behind latched
Grass covered
Let it out.
Let it out.

Love stays hidden
In the pages
Of a secret diary,
In the colours
Of an unfinished painting.
Let it free.
Let it free.

Love lies troubled
In doubting
In questioning
Let it live.
Let it live.


Ravi said...

Words of love
the mind recalls
the heart yearns
the soul cherishes
Say it aloud.
Say it aloud.

What say, Rajesh? :)

Samudraa said...


The smile ought to say what i think :)

musafir said...

@ravi: Ah, much flattered at your continuation!

And yes, couldn't agree more Ravi :). 'Say it aloud' it is.

@samudraa: :) - Thanks!

Brood Mode said...

Oh! the urge to break free, to speak out.... how well i know it!

Kripa Shankar said...

ya right....look who is talking too...
(not with particular reference to love) ;)

musafir said...

@ brood mode: I was generalising! ;)

@ kripa shankar: Writer's licence ;)

. : A : . said...

I read this more as a song than a poem because of the rhythm that it has. Well done!

musafir said...

@ .:a:. : Glad, you could feel the rhythm - I did indeed write it as a song, although didn't think it came out well enough to be spotted!!